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Sep 21, 2011 5:00am PDT
as iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad is visiting new york for a united nations general assembly session. he is supposed to speak thursday. it's been very controversial, of course. but they are going to be home. >> yeah. all those steps following just like the way sarah shourd was released, so it looks like it could be even better news, you know, no snags. >> exactly. >> reporter: the attorney doesn't foresee any major problems with that. so here's hoping. >> and the family, can you just imagine the parents of those two men? >> they have been fighting for this whole time. >> reporter: they really have been keeping it alive in the media so it's just unbelievable. we'll have to see their homecoming later on. >> can only imagine. thank you, stephanie chuang. >>> a five-year-old girl shot in san francisco's bayview district. anne makovec is at the bayview police station with the search for that gunman. she joins with us more. anne, good morning. >> reporter: you might imagine, frank, police are under a lot of pressure to solve this crime as soon as possible because the victim is a 5-year-old
Sep 14, 2011 5:00am PDT
things not the president. ahmadinejad is expected in new york in a few days for the united nations general assembly. >>> in afghanistan, a 20-hour attack in the heart of kabul finally ended this morning. afghan officials announced today all of the attackers are now dead. insurgents had fired rocket- propelled grenades and automatic weapons on several buildings including the u.s. embassy and nato headquarters. four police officers and three civilians were killed. >>> the number of medical marijuana clubs in san jose will soon shrink dramatically. last night the city council approved new restrictions in the numbers of medical pot clubs in the city to be limited to just 10. there were over 100 -- in fact, 140. in addition, the dispensaries will have to cultivate their own product now instead of getting it elsewhere. supporters of the new restrictions say it will allow the city to better monitor the club's activities. >> by having it in that one location, we are able to then regulate with the staffing proposal we have put forward. >> but marijuana activists argued that the new rules wi
Sep 22, 2011 5:00am PDT
comes as iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks at the united nations general assembly today. president obama spoke yesterday saying now is not the time to grant palestine's request for statehood. the president says an independent palestine needs to emerge from peace negotiations with israel. >>> and today the president will stop in ohio to promote his job creation plan. mr. obama will visit a rundown brimming in cincinnati to highlight the type -- bridge in cincinnati to highlight the type of infrastructure project his proposal would create. the bridge also connects ohio and kentucky the home states of republican house speaker john boehner and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >>> coming soon to facebook, music, movies and streaming media. today the social media giant is set to announce new features aimed at engaging its millions of users. facebook developers meet in san francisco this morning. ceo mark zuckerberg is expected to roll out new partnerships at the conference. the goal is to make facebook more social for users as they share music, tv shows and other media.
Sep 19, 2011 5:00am PDT
of troops from iraq and afghanistan. >>> and world leaders are gathering at the united nations today, attending the 66th annual session of the u.n. general assembly and some began to arrive in new york last night. and president obama is scheduled to address that assembly on wednesday. >>> an anti-terror operation in great britain has led to the arrest of seven people, west midland police say six men were arrested in birmingham overnight. they're suspected of preparing or instigating an act of terror in the united kingdom. in addition, a woman was arrested this morning, accused of failing to disclose information. >>> and the death toll has now reached 50 people after an earthquake in india. the 7.9 quake struck yesterday evening, hundreds of soldiers and police officers are now clearing away concrete slabs, and bricks and mud to rescue some of the trapped victims. much of the damage is still unknown. because the region is in such a remote location. there have been two aftershocks, and experts have warned there may be more on the way. >>> and a giant satellite is op a collision course
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4